Fighting together for a secure future

Threats are constantly changing, are difficult to predict and require a flexible, adaptive armed forces. Rapidly changing times require resilience, agility and teamwork to reinvent for new realities. With strategic advice. And with a ready-made range of ICT services, both operational and supportive. CGI supports your critical missions with proven (militairy) ICT solutions and capabilities to improve efficiency and outcomes, from the back office to frontline operations.

Trusted partner

CGI has been an ABDO certified supplier for many years and has earned a reputation for solving technically complex challenges in electronic warfare, C4ISR, as well as cyber security, secure hosting, cloud computing and systems integration.

Some services:

  • Cybersecurity, managing complex security issues from Security Operations Centres
  • Advanced analytics, big data analytics applications that create value
  • ERP solutions, Warehouse Management, Document Handling and other logistics systems
  • C4ISR Military off-the-shelf (MOTS) services, fire support, communication, intelligence and situational awareness
  • Openland360, a platform integrating all hardware and systems in military vehicles
  • HRM and salary systems, including Personal Health Records
  • GIS and space solutions for land and water

About CGI

CGI, founded in 1976, is one of the few end-to-end consulting firms with the scale, reach, capabilities and commitment to meet clients’ enterprise digital transformation needs. Our 76,000 consultants and professionals work side-by-side with clients
in 10 industries across more than 400 locations worldwide. We draw upon our
global capabilities to help clients identify, develop, implement and operate effective strategies to meet evolving customer and citizen expectations.

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