Bavak Security Group

Bavak Security Group, a Dutch technology company is manufacturer and global supplier of electronic, cyber- and physical security solutions for critical infrastructure. The company was founded almost 50 years ago and is committed to deliver the utmost best in security solutions and services to its customers. The mission of Bavak is: To make the security risks of our customers manageable. Together with our customers we analyse what needs to be protected. We advise, develop, realize and maintain state-of-the-art security solutions. At Bavak the customer comes first.

Defence Security Solutions

The Defence Security Solutions business unit provides tailor made solutions to NATO and UN for base protection. Bavak’s Remotely-Operated-Military-Access Point (ROMAP) solution has been proven very successful in operation in Afghanistan, in Germany and in Mali. The solutions consist of a complete containerised security management system and includes access control, CCTV, Xray scanning equipment, biometrics, ABIS databases, intercom and a base-wide Public Announcement system. The sole purpose of the system is to save lives and allow seamless operation of the base.

Bavak Security group has a wide range of products and a large team of skilled professionals. They will advise the best solution for every possible threat. This will range from a boom barriers to bi-folding speedgates or roadblockers. From complete security management systems to drone-detection and from an autonomous surveillance drone to various screening solutions which even include large mobile X-Ray systems like truck- or train scanners. At Bavak Security Group, we are
committed to serving our customers with the highest quality of products and services available in the security industry, with the combined strength of expertise, experience and quality