Askové is a leading company in the design and manufacturing of equipment out of plastics. Askové has its own engineering department that can develop customized solutions in close cooperation with the customer. This ranges from small components to turn-key installations for a variety of applications (chemicals, food, pharmacy, waste treatment, etc. and defense).

For the Netherlands Air Force Askové has engineered and manufactured customized Ground Support Equipment (GSE) to solve challenges encountered during daily operations and deployments. The range of products consists of components for the F16, such as connectors for the airco system, fuel collection adaptors, HUD covers, impact proof transport cases for the hydrazine tank and generator and covers/plugs for the engine to prevent fuel loss during air lift. Although developed for the F-16, these products are or can be easily modified for other aircraft such as F35, KDC10 and F18. Besides the RNLAF, the USAF, BAF and IAF are using Askové products for their fleets.

Askové, a since 1991 AQAP 2110/ISO Lloyd’s 9001 and S.C.C.** certified company, is with its more than fifty years of experience, specialized in processing technical industrial materials based on plastics. Engineering and production of the components and installations is done according to own design or by specification of the customer.

Founded in 1965, the company has approximately 25 specialized full-time employees working in the departments marketing & sales, engineering, production, assembly and maintenance. Askové management focuses on innovation and flexibility, wherein our strong technical know-how is the basis for solving all sorts of specific customer problems.

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