Although being a relatively small plastics and composites processing company, Allplast holds a diverse clientele, including big names like Tyco and Thales. Over the years Allplast has gained expertise in the assembly and production of high-tech plastic and composite products. One of Allplast’s specific interests is the development of bullet resistant protection products and materials, including composites and transparent laminates.

Allplast is convinced of the ongoing technological developments and design freedom of plastic and composite materials and the added value these materials possess regarding a wide spectrum of applications. Allplast’s activities are focused on the development of high-quality parts and assemblies.

Why Allplast BV?
Allplast offers a unique combination of production techniques in plastics and composites, combined with in-house design- and engineering capabilities. This leads to product- and process innovations and the ability to assist clients regarding design, materials and production processes.

Ballistic protection

  • Design and development of ballistic protection products: visors, shields
  • Ballistic composites processing
  • Ballistic laminates: bullet resistant glazing, burglary resistant glazing

Composites and laminates

  • Autoclave, pre-preg processing, vacuum injection
  • Transparent laminating

High-quality glueing and assembly

  • Special technologies for glueing and assembly
  • All series sizes

Plastics processing and -converting

  • Wide range of conventional production facilities for plastics
  • CAD/CAM, CNC routing, hotline bending, cold bending, drape forming, laser cutting

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