For one week during Eurosatory, Defence and Security companies present their goods and services for innumerable foreign delegations to explore. This trade fair, opened by president Macron, can be of great benefit to both small and large companies.

The French president emphasised the geopolitical challenges which, according to him, require a “war economy”. There will not be a proposed European financial taxonomy, which would make life more difficult for Defence and Security companies. Macron highlighted the importance of innovation and called for more European sovereignity, which Defence and Security companies could play a vital part in.

The Director of the Defence Materiel Organisations, Vice-Admiral Arie Jan de Waard and the Commissioner for Military Production, Jan Christiaan Dicke, visited the Dutch companies at the Netherlands pavilion on the 13th of June. This pavilion was a joined initiative of the Ministries for Defence, Economic Affairs and Climate.

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