It is the capstone to a transatlantic week: the NL-US Defense and Space Industry Days in Washington DC, Oct. 13 and 14. As allies and partner countries at the political, military, research and business levels, the 110 attendees from the Netherlands and the United States had much to discuss, with a range of matchmaking sessions to follow up.

The program started the morning after the AUSA, which NIDV participants could also visit as part of EU-ALLIANCE. At the Dutch embassy, Ambassador André Haspels welcomed the delegations. State secretary for Defense Christophe van der Maat started the day with a clear message: our collective defense demands much from both governments and defense and security sectors, making collaboration indispensable. Subsequent sessions reviewed established successes, in supply chain security, the Defense Industry Strategy and export compliance with the Director of  the Dutch Defense Materiel Organization, but just as candidly those areas with room for improvement.

Friday was dedicated to an essential military and civilian field: space. Here, too, a milestone: the signing of the new Partnership International Business which SpaceNed will coordinate. The NIDV was closely involved as an advisor from experience and wishes the participants a fruitful program.

Less easy to summarize, but all the more important: the many bilateral conversations, exchanged insights, and introductions in the planned matchmaking sessions and networking moments. The 20 NIDV participants represented, from small businesses to research institutions, can look back on a successful visit.

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