With the passing of John Jansen, we lose a family man, a defence expert and a fine colleague. His activities since the 1980s have been characterised by equipment cooperation. Especially in the office of the Dutch National Armaments Director, his international attitude came into its own. Through his two placements in Brussels, his international orientation was formed. He helped shape the current NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA). He also had a special significance in the establishment of the Western European Armaments Group and the European Defence Agency (EDA).

When the Dutch Parliament decided in 2006 to appoint a special advisor for industrial affairs for the NIDV, there was only one logical candidate: John Jansen. At the interface of defence and industry, he helped shape the success of the current Golden Triangle for Defence and Security in the Netherlands.

After his retirement, he joined the NIDV part-time. As head of the Dutch delegation to the NATO Industrial Advisory Group, he brought many opportunities to the attention of the NIDV supporters. The chairmanship of this NIAG was perfect for him.

On behalf of the NIDV, John also became a member of, among others, the research and development committees of the Aerospace and Defence Association of Europe, the European industry umbrella organisation for defence and security. His international experience was also very useful at ASD. For ASD and the NIDV, he made indispensable contributions to the preparation and implementation of the European Defence Fund, of which the Second Work Programme was published on the day of his death.

His language skills came in very handy as a member of the board of the Session EuropĂ©enne des Responsables d’Armement. As the only Dutchman to date, John held the role of President of the SERA (Alumni) Association.

ASD and the NIDV owe John Jansen a great debt of gratitude. Like no other he knew how to streamline Brussels and Hague interests! We owe him respect for the way in which he continued to serve the Golden Triangle for Defence and Security during his illness! Our thoughts are with his wife Annelies, his children and his grandchildren.

On behalf of the Dutch Defence and Security Industry

Hans Hillen, chairman. Ron Nulkes, director.

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