On July 21, Elbit Systems and the NIDV, held a virtual industry day for Dutch companies. The event was conducted in cooperation with the Commissariat for Military Production of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. With about 100 participants, a large part of the Dutch defense technological and industrial base participated in the three-hour live broadcast.

Ms. Marieke Monroy-Winter, Deputy Chef de Poste of the Netherlands Embassy in Israel opened the meeting.

During the event, various officials presented Elbit Systems’ global activities and discussed the company’s involvement in important programs in the Netherlands. They explained the company’s own needs and explained possible areas of interest regarding cooperation with Dutch industry. Some of the already existing strategic partnerships were highlighted as well. The industry day was concluded by the panel of Elbit Systems with a question and answer session. This answered the questions of the participants gathered during the event about communication and ways to set up an effective platform for broad and long-term industrial participation (IP).

Elbit Systems has been active in the Netherlands for many years, participating in a series of programs to strengthen Defense and the Dutch Police. Elbit Systems supplies communication and command & control systems, computer hardware and night vision systems. In addition, Elbit Systems was recently selected to equip the Royal Netherlands Army’s CV90 combat vehicles with Active Protection Systems and electro-optical commander’s sights.

The Commissioner for Military Production of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Mr. Jan Christiaan Dicke, underlined the importance of strategic partnerships and praised Elbit Systems as a reliable, forward-thinking partner that has presented several concrete opportunities for industrial participation and long-term cooperation.

Strategic Cooperation

The NIDV Business Development Manager, Mr. Peter Huis in ‘t Veld, mentioned, “Today Elbit Systems, the Dutch government and the defense and security industry explored business opportunities for future cooperation.”

Adrian Zanescu, Senior Vice President Strategic Subcontracting & Industrial Collaboration of the Elbit Systems Group, noted: “The Netherlands is an important market for Elbit Systems. This event is part of our ongoing efforts and strategy to promote long-term cooperation with Dutch companies and institutions. This will further expand the company’s industrial participation in the country. We believe that such cooperation benefits the Dutch economy and can contribute to the competitive position of Dutch companies in the global market. This industry day provides an excellent platform to revitalize future IP cooperation and implementation, while adhering to the Defense Industry Strategy (DIS). We look forward to materializing our strategy together with the excellent Dutch industrial partners.”

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