IHC Defence focuses on the design, build and maintenance of navy ships that proudly supply, service and defend our nation and the world.

As part of Royal IHC, we strive to be the leading global maritime engineering and manufacturing company of choice in safety, quality, added value and reliability by offering innovative and integrated solutions tailored to our (Defence) customers’ needs. IHC Defence is active in designing, manufacturing and maintaining ships, equipment and accessories for security in the naval sector, not only in The Netherlands, but also worldwide.

We cooperate closely with the high level of expertise available within Royal IHC, and benefit from the strong partnerships at our disposal, as well as extensive maritime experience that allows us to deliver an optimal solution and life-cycle support to our customers.

One of our specialized teams is IHC Hytech, that designs, produces and delivers innovative, sustainable and integrated equipment for the diving, governmental, tunnelling, life support and medical markets

With a history steeped in 350 years of shipbuilding and a global network of offices, Royal IHC has an international orientation. Today we have over 3,000 employees working in various locations across The Netherlands and overseas.

Royal IHC is registered as IHC Merwede Holding B.V.