The world becomes increasingly digital and data-driven. Organizations depend strongly on well-functioning software. But do we know for sure if these systems are built correctly? Are they secure, scalable, and performing well? Are there no hidden risks? Outages or security leaks within organizations that run on critical software could easily result in reputational damage, safety issues, and financial impact.

Why SIG is relevant to you
You would like to rely on your software, avoid issues and security risks in mission critical systems and avoid endangering the safety of your people in the field. Good software quality is essential. We can help you achieve this.

Our mission at Software Improvement Group (SIG) is to get software right for a healthier digital world by combining our software assurance platform, Sigrid, with expert knowledge to dig deep into the build quality and security of software systems.

How we work at SIG
Our SIG software analysis laboratory holds a unique ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for software quality analysis. We make this lab accessible to our clients through our Sigrid platform.

Sigrid continuously measures software build quality, including security, architecture, maintainability, and productivity – and makes findings easily accessible to CIOs, architects, and developers alike.

We are completely independent and we have no hidden interests regarding our clients and suppliers, which means clients can always trust the facts we observe and advise them in the best possible way.

How we help governmental organizations
We empower you to make fact-based decisions to:

  • reduce risks
  • improve (cyber)security
  • speed up software changes
  • ensure maintenance can be tendered
  • help prevent outages of critical systems

In case of tenders and outsourcing contracts we help you to ensure quality in the delivered software solution. Contract terms for software quality help to avoid this common pitfall.

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