Pro Systems is a globally recognized organization within the European AV Group, headquartered in The Netherlands. Our expertise lies in the design, installation, and maintenance of advanced audio-visual display solutions for diverse applications. With a specialization in simulation technology (both hardware and software), immersive rooms (iXfinity), and audio-video display solutions, we have built a strong reputation over our 27 years of operation. Our proven track record in the defense industry attests to our commitment to excellence.

Additionally, we offer a range of products that enable network-centric warfare simulation by providing streaming, recording, and playback capabilities for high-resolution computer graphics, video, and DIS/HLA signals over standard LAN/WAN networks. Our solutions ensure full synchronization, facilitating realistic and immersive training experiences.

Pro Systems has successfully delivered numerous complex simulation projects across various sectors. Our portfolio includes ship bridge simulations with expansive field views ranging from 180 to 360 degrees, as well as notable projects such as the F-16 Flight Simulator, Dome Simulation installations, and customized driving simulators for the automotive industry. These projects demonstrate our ability to meet the specific requirements of each application and deliver innovative solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.