DTEC Naval Industries specializes in providing industrial participation services for the global defence and security market, primarily in the maritime domain.

The company was founded in 2017 by DTEC Industries as a dedicated business unit, in response to the increasing demand for an independent specialist provider of industrial participation services in the maritime domain.

The DTEC Industries Group with its headquarters in Singapore, can be defined by three business units:

  • Industrial participation: this unit provides independent and specialist industrial participation services Shipbuilding: this unit provides shipbuilding solutions, products, and services for affordable small to medium sized commercial vessels for the mid-end market.
  • Marine Environment: this unit is aiming to play an active role in offering practical solutions to improve the marine environment in South-East Asia, in collaboration with the ASEAN authorities and commercial enterprises.

DTEC Naval Industries possesses a distinctive combination of experience in the fields of defence shipbuilding, maritime infrastructure, and related industrial participation projects.

We continue to build relationships with our clients and provide value-adding services for their specific needs in a professional, timely and compliant manner. The clients we serve include national governments and commercial enterprises (smaller and larger size) that operate in the defence and security markets.

Our services range from drafting value propositions, fulfilment of industrial participation obligations, trading services to selection and development of industrial partnerships and from designing transfer of technology plans to industrial participation contract management.