FAES is an industrial packaging manufacturer that designs and engineers custom packaging solutions. We produce custom (flight) cases with custom interior and provide additional services such as system integration, cleaning and refurbishing.

We are experts in the field of UN certifications and understand the packaging requirements concerning NEN, Mil-specs and STANAG. We advise companies on how to protect fragile and sensitive equipment to ensure safety throughout the logistics chain. We understand nothing is more important as properly working equipment during a mission.

We are proud of the almost 30 years of cooperation with Defense. Besides DMO, Faes does business with MatLogCo, KCT and 11 Airmobile Brigade of the Army, DMI and MARSOF of the Navy and LCW of the Air Force. For Defense, we supply packaging materials in all shapes and sizes: weapon cases, aluminum cases, half 19-inch IT housings (TITAN), 19-inch racks for data centers, a wide variety of ruggedized plastic cases of high-quality plastic (especially SKB) and all kinds of flight cases to think of. We are the exclusive partner in Europe for the SKB brand: Mil-Standard Waterproof Cases (MIL-C-4150J / IP67). In order to provide the right knowledge within the defense market, we employ consultants with defense experience. We understand that defense is a “specialty market” that almost always needs specials and hardly ever standard solutions. We understand the “green” environment and always keep an eye on developments surrounding Defense. Read our story in ‘Materieel Gezien’ https://magazines.defensie.nl/materieelgezien/2019/08/05_een-klik-in-verpakkingen. Our clientele also includes companies active in the field of nano and medical technology, such as ASML, Medtronic and Philips. All these organizations often transport very expensive and sensitive parts, under sometimes extreme circumstances. Faes’ packaging experts think along with them and develop advanced packaging solutions. Additionally Faes analyzes your entire supply chain and packaging policy which can reduce up to 50% of your total costs.

Certificate codes ISO 9001-2008

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