Delft Dynamics B.V. (DD) is an innovative, high tech company founded in The Netherlands in February 2006. The company is specialized in developing and building robot helicopter systems (drones): small unmanned helicopters that can be used as stable, easy to control sensor-platforms.

DD has provided UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) engineering services to third parties and has developed and manufactured several types of robot helicopters (RH2 ‘Stern’, RH3 ‘Swift’ and RH4 ‘Spyder’). DD has been involved in many national and international RD&T projects together with well-known knowledge institutes and universities, e.g.:

  • Project DroneCatcher: DroneCatcher is a drone, that is armed with a netgun. With the use of multiple onboard sensors, the netgun can be locked on the target. Thanks to DroneCatcher’s track & trace capabilities, the drone will be caught
    by shooting a net. After the catch, DroneCatcher can bring the captured drone attached with a cable, to a harmless place.
  • Project U-Drone: In this defense technology project DD investigates how tethered drones can be used inside buildings, tunnels, underground passageways, etc. to map the surroundings and find points of interest in a safe and non-jammable way.
  • Project NEREUS: DD has been awarded a contract by the Royal Dutch Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard to qualify the RH3 ‘Swift’ unmanned helicopter for use on ships and for operations in a maritime environment. The project is called “NEREUS” (Naval long Endurance Robothelicopter Equipped for Unmanned Surveillance). Project partners are the Netherlands Aerospace Center (NLR) and Damen Naval Shipyards.