Contour Advanced Systems (CAS) is an independent, professional and innovative technique organization, founded in 1905. Currently CAS operates in 6 markets: MOD/Security; ICT-Data; Logistics; Energy; Mechatronic Modules and Special housing (Nuclear). CAS is a multi-disciplined company with a wide range of quality products and it is a reliable partner for it’s (inter-)national customers.

With an ‘One Stop’ strategy, CAS has an unique position in the marked, which makes it able to act as ‘Chain Manager’ for Governments, SME’s and OEM’s. Employees are familiar with and aware of Corporate Social Responsibility, Legal regulations and Standards. CAS is specialized in: design, build, integrate, test, document and maintain (ILS) systems, incl. training and environmentals.

Product examples are:

  • Modular solutions: Shelters, Containers & Trailers;
  • Electrical;
  • Mechanical and HVAC solutions;
  • Smart Energy (Lithium, Flow battery & Hydrogen);
  • Energy storage and Power solions;
  • Modular/Mobile Data Centers;
  • High Fidelity Simulators;
  • Energy storage (Lithium, Flow battery & Hydrogen);
  • Special Housing: Nuclear, Food and Industry market;
  • Control room: cabinets, 19-inch and Consoles (ergonomic);
  • C2-Networks and Cabling (incl onboard ships);
  • Sheet Metal and CNC solutions.

CAS delivers high standard quality products to its customers. For this, CAS has all required quality certificates (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AQAP 2110) to fulfill customer needs and CAS is familiar with handling crypto. In addition, CAS employees are MOD screened, and CAS is assessed by HPE, Lockheed Martin and NL-MOD for ABDO.