Bolidt is a family owned company founded in1964. Bolidt synthetic products and systems can be found in (industrial) resin-based flooring, ship decks, off shore applications, sports flooring, road constructions and in commercial and industrial buildings.

These systems meet the specific mechanical, chemical, electrical and aesthetic demands of the market. The strength of Bolidt is that all products are developed and produced at our in-house laboratory and production facility. As a result, Bolidt is able to guarantee constant improvement and innovation. The future in synthetic products and systems is already available today.

This makes Bolidt a reliable partner in defence organisations worldwide. You can find the Bolideck systems onboard a large variety of navy ships all over the world such as frigates, combat support ships, amphibious transport ships and submarines. Besides decking systems, Bolidt also supplies solutions for very specialized navy (submarine) applications, embedded constructions and grouting – and ballast compounds.

Also, for many years now, Bolidt is a valuable partner in various R&D programs
led by TNO and in co-operation with the Dutch navy, suppliers to defence and naval shipyards. Extensive research is carried out in the field of Target Echo Strength reduction and Radar Absorbing Materials.

The main aim is to strengthen the position of Bolidt in the domestic market while structurally increasing market shares abroad through marketing 250 flooring systems in a modern way and through entering into strategic alliances.

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