At Aeronamic we choose to dedicate ourselves to high-speed rotating components and precision parts. Developing, producing, assembling, testing, and servicing them thoroughly, according to all standards. We are active in both commercial and defence aviation.

We had the advantage of starting big, being part of former mother company URENCO, who invented the world’s first ultra-centrifuge for uranium enrichment. That historic step set the bar for all of our achievements. We kept pushing on in order to reach higher ground. We push limits when it comes to our product, but also when it comes to production. Thanks to vertical integration, speed is on our side. We provide total care which covers all activities, from development to MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul). That’s why Aeronamic has a unique range of ATP test cells available. To guarantee short lead times and delivery on time, we manufacture key parts of our components in-house. In our centers of excellence, we produce high-speed rotating parts like impellers, turbine wheels, and permanent magnet rotors, as well as the main housings. All special processes required for these key parts have NADCAP and customer approvals.

When we talk about pushing limits, we also mean achieving the highest quality for the lowest cost. By employing the best of the best, our expertise is unrivalled. This gives us a solid framework consisting of a highly educated workforce, competitive wages, and excellent high-tech equipment. In both the Netherlands and Romania.

Each of these countries has its own economic environment, with industries driven by their own culture and history. That’s how craftsmanship and expertise develop and materialize. Pushing limits requires constant effort. Aeronamic is always improving itself, at all levels: from product development to robotizing our processes; from additive manufacturing to our digital workflow. That way, it’s not just our technology which keeps on improving, but also the way we do business.

To stay ahead of the curve, we act on new developments and customer needs. This lies at the foundation of all our innovative thinking and acting. The result is that we provide customers with the best cutting edge solutions, perfectly tailored to their individual needs.