Bringing connectivity to the hardest-to-reach places globally is no small task. Viasat mission is to change where and how the world connects and communicates.

The Company is known for tackling some of the world’s hardest communications challenges by using the power of satellite and terrestrial communications technologies. Viasat designs nearly every component of its network—from the satellite payloads and ground stations to the user terminals—to meet the market demand for reliable, affordable, fast, high-quality broadband connectivity.

Currently, Viasat provides hundreds of millions of high-speed internet connections—every year—to households, businesses, travelers and military personnel in the Americas, Asia Pacific and across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Delivering innovate broadband solutions, globally
Viasat continues to be recognized globally for its space and satellite innovations. One of those next-generation innovations includes the ViaSat-3 satellite constellation. ViaSat-3 is the next big step for Viasat to fulfill its global ambition to deliver a broadband network with enough satellite capacity to deliver greater consumer choice with an affordable, high-speed, high-quality internet and video streaming service.

Delivering defense solutions
Viasat is also active in the defense domain, leading innovations and integrated, end-to end warfighter communications. The Company’s defense mission is to support forces and save lives providing secure communications where and when it is needed.

Viasat’s integrated defense satellite communications (SATCOM), tactical datalink/line-of-sight and cybersecurity solutions provide a uniquely holistic approach that delivers inherent performance advantages. Viasat offers a range of multi-band, flexible SATCOM terminals, anti-jam Link-16 radios and electronic warfare (EW)-resistant networks that provide resilient, end-to-end assured communications across multiple military domains and missions.

A growing Viasat team in the Netherlands
Viasat has a strong presence in the Netherlands with its primary in-country office located in Amsterdam. Viasat Netherlands is an engineering Center of Excellence for Viasat and serves as the Company’s logistics headquarters for its European broadband customer premise equipment.

The Viasat Amsterdam team plays a key role in the development of innovative technologies for the next-generation ViaSat-3 ground segment and is active in offering technology expertise to aid EMEA defense force SATCOM services as well as airline connectivity services, for the likes of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines among others.