Your partner for high-end Unmanned Systems, Components and R&D projects. Always ahead of the game – ensuring an ongoing advantage for our worldwide client base.

We offer products with a proven track-record and a partner who ensures a smooth implementation in your organization. Our goal is to deliver total solutions that are cost-effective, well-executed and operationally ready. This means dedicated advice, a clear scope and a product that does what it promises. Adapted to any application, mission or environment to overcome every challenge.

Our [mini] UAV system is a leading platform in the tactical UAS industry, developed
as military drones with unmatched performance for defence and public safety. Using aviation-grade materials and field-proven sensors & components to meet field requirements and MIL-standards. The best on endurance, autonomy and connectivity. Human Telepresence Technology enables every person to fly a UAS within 30 seconds like a professional user: indoor & outdoor. We believe that sending machines before humans can save lives and allows to make safer, smarter and faster decisions.

The nested UAS solution offers a full autonomous Guard in the air. With advanced AI capabilities, it automatically detects, tracks and reports unwanted situations – 24/7. We like R&D projects, integrating any solution into your C2 system because it’s made for it.

Unmanned Systems

  • MIL-SPEC mini-UAV Systems, for covert ISTAR missions with extreme endurance
  • Counter UAS solution [net, kinetic]
  • Human Telepresence UAV system [tactical indoor & outdoor]
  • Human Telepresence UAV system for cargo and EOD applications
  • Swarm layering autonomous UAV solution – in development
  • Nested UAS solution
  • Fixed Wing V-TOL Systems
  • UGV Systems
  • R&D and System Integration


  • EO/IR gimbal cameras
  • C2 P2P / MANET encrypted communication
  • Multipath LTE encrypted communication
  • Anti-GPS Jamming/Spoofing
  • [AI] Software analytics
  • All kinds of tactical payloads

Platform NPVS