As the industry faces new challenges and embraces new technologies, Collins Aerospace is innovating and collaborating on the most impactful initiatives in aerospace.

At Collins Aerospace, we’re working side-by-side with our customers and partners to dream, design and deliver solutions that redefine the future of our industry. By reaching across the markets we serve and drawing on our vast portfolio of expertise, we are making the most powerful concepts in aerospace a reality every day. We’re redefining aerospace with one of the deepest capability sets and broadest perspectives in the industry. Together with Pratt & Whitney and Raytheon, Collins Aerospace is part of RTX, employing in excess of 185.000 dedicated staff members based at over 300 locations globally.

Military & Defense
When lives are on the line, proven performance means everything. Collins Aerospace delivers a broad spectrum of advanced, battle-proven solutions – in all domains, in both manned and unmanned platforms – that serve the warfighters of today and tomorrow. Our unique ability to leverage technologies across our commercial and military market segments provides increased flexibility as well as reduced total lifecycle and acquisition costs through open systems and commercial-off-the-shelf technology solutions. We are backed by a global network of service and support to increase mission readiness. An unique highlight to mention is the set-up of the first F-35 Pilot Readiness Center outside of the United States. Located in Soesterberg, the dedicated in-region center provides the Royal Netherlands Air Force and its international customers with the local tools and support to maintain and improve fleet and pilot readiness, including F-35 helmet fitting and calibration.

Commercial Aviation
Cockpit to cabin, nose to tail, and across the flight experience, Collins Aerospace is one of the world’s leading providers of aerospace systems and services for commercial aircraft. Our unique industry knowledge and decades of experience enable us to understand our customers’ needs around the globe. We employ our expertise to deliver customized solutions that are tailored for improving aircraft availability, maintainability and sustainability. Our focus remains on passenger safety and comfort, maximizing operational efficiency, and providing secure and reliable connectivity.

Maastricht Airport, The Netherlands
In 1982, Collins Aerospace expanded and diversified its presence in The Netherlands, creating a dedicated maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) service center at Maastricht Airport. This campus is dedicated to MRO of aircraft components, such as composite propeller systems, hydromechanical and electronic fuel control systems, fuel pumps, air management systems and lighting products. These flight critical components are installed on a wide range of civil and military platforms, such as twin and single aisle jet aircraft, regional jets and turbo props as well as helicopters. Building on the expertise of a team of over 120 well-trained technicians, Collins Aerospace has developed a strong culture of customer service excellence. Annually over 9000 components are serviced with utmost care and strong quality focus, committed to keeping turn-around-times low. From this Maastricht hub in the ‘heart of Europe’, Collins Aerospace supports over 300 individual customers including major airlines, regional operators, governmental and military customers, large and small maintenance and repair organizations, as well as distributors covering North and South America, Middle-East, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Together, we keep aircraft in the air and on time!