Dynamic Ear Company (DEC) is based in Delft, the Netherlands and part of Sonova AG. DEC designs, develops and manufactures in-house, in-ear acoustic solutions. The product range includes passive shooting hearing protection solutions with (tactical) communication interfacing.


  • In house R&D, Production and Testing.
  • 100% Acoustic testing of hearing protection acoustic filters.
  • Projects in defence, police and law enforcement communications, worldwide.
  • Patented Impulse hearing protection technology, specifically designed for the defence industry.

Our offerings

  • Specialist knowledge in hearing protection, impulse noise protection, measurements and attenuation of sound transfer to the ear.
  • Sound measurement equipment for measuring sound on location (e.g. at the shooting range).
  • Manufacturing of ambient hearing protection solutions that offers sound specific protection (e.g. impulse noise) whilst maintaining situational awareness.
  • Joint development projects.
  • Direct cooperation with companies associated with NIDV and defence.


  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Certified according to PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425, Annex VIII. Module D.
  • CE, ANSI and ANSI IPIL certified products
  • NATO Stock Numbers (NSN) issued

Platform NGP