Dawn Aerospace delivers best in class chemical propulsion systems for satellites in orbit. Our  CubeDrive and SatDrive technologies offer high thrust and high performance at a fraction of the cost and leadtime of conventional systems.

Using Dawn’s space-proven building blocks and common architecture, we can deliver
complete turn-key propulsion systems, customized to your mission. For satellite
builders who are driven by affordability, responsiveness, and work on resilient LEO
systems, our SatDrive technology offers high thrust, low cost of ownership and low
lead time. Additionally, propellants are domestically available with virtually no lead
time, simplifying logistics for customers.

We deliver customized turn-key propulsion systems using Dawn’s TRL9 components,
including thrusters, tanks, valves, instruments and electronics. We will work with you
to design, build and qualify a system specific to your in-orbit mission.
Dawn takes a broad partnership role in supporting all of your spacecraft mobility
needs. This includes early design and mission planning, full hardware support, onsite
training, delivery and export logistics, launch site integration and propellant loading,
and on-orbit commissioning.

As a next step, Dawn is building highly reusable satellite launch vehicles.
Same-day Reusable Launch Vehicles that do not require specialized space-launch
infrastructure, integrate with everyday aircraft in nearby airspace, and launch as
often and routinely as commercial aviation. We are a full-service partner, helping you
with everything needed to deliver, position and return your satellite.

Platform NIVP