Welcome to Aviolanda Aerospace, an international aerospace maintenance and development hub. Situated on the Dutch-Belgian border, roughly halfway between Rotterdam and Antwerp and bordering Woensdrecht Air Base, this aviation hotspot boasts an attractive strategic location.

The military air base itself has been home to aviation, maintenance and training facilities for some 75 years and home base of Logistics Centre Woensdrecht, the maintenance base of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. An important aerospace maintenance centre itself, Business Park Aviolanda serves both civil as well as military markets and the site is growing into an Aerospace Innovation Hub, building a community and offering an open market place delivering maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services.

Innovative Aerospace Maintenance
Aviolanda Aerospace and its surroundings have all the necessary ingredients to grow into a leading European service centre for both civil as well as military aircraft and helicopters. At present, more than twenty aerospace companies are present, generating around 2,500 jobs. Aviolanda Aerospace is the Dutch one-stop-shop for innovative aerospace maintenance and also a knowledge exchange centre, with innovative field labs for composite repairs and drone development and applications.

Attractive location & capabilities
Important for foreign companies is the attractive location within the Dutch province of Brabant, which offers an excellent living environment, educated workforce and high-tech research network. On the part of military services, the location is building up F-35 sustainment capabilities, both on-base as well as on the business park. Furthermore, helicopter maintenance services are being expanded and a venture into unmanned air systems (“drones”) is now taking off as well.

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