AI Armaments

AI Armaments (Artillerie Inrichtingen Armaments) B.V is a dynamic defence contrator & solutions
company, developing and manufacturing Small Arms Weapons and Small Arms Ammunition.

The company team is made up of a wide range of professionals, with a background
in, knowledge and active in the Dynamic Shooting World & defence industries.
The company is focused on innovation, design, Local content and Fabrication in
The Netherlands.

It creates product solutions, new jobs in close cooperation with the best strategic
partners , Universities, while working interactively with military and clients in the
Defense Industry.

Products – Weapon Group

Small Arms weapon family, based on AR15, AR10, & a bolt-action precision rifle with
a multi-caliber chamber

Products – Ammunition

Pioneer in adopting Lean systems in ammunition manufacturing, a complete
range of products, including 9x19mm, 5.56x45mm, 7,62x51mm, 12.7x99mm and

The small caliber families also comprise an extensive array of projectiles and
technologies, including Ball, Sniper, Tracer, Infrared Tracer, Reduced Range,
Improved Performance, Blank, Match, Armor Piercing (AP), Armor Piercing
Incendiary (API), Armor Piercing Incendiary Tracer (API-T).