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Redenen om u kostenloos aan te melden als leverancier in het cyberweerbaarheidsregister


  • Verhoogt de zichtbaarheid van uw bedrijf voor potentiĆ«le klanten die op zoek zijn naar leveranciers van beveiligingsproducten of -diensten.
  • Positioneert uw bedrijf als expert op het gebied van cyberweerbaarheid.
  • Verbeterd de kans op nieuwe zakelijke kansen en opdrachten.


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Be a cyber resilience supplier

The NIDV’s Cyber Resilience Register provides an overview of companies that provide products or services for your company’s security in the context of (future) contracts for the Ministry of Defence.

The NIDV’s Cyber Resilience Register provides an overview of companies that provide products or services for your company’s security in the context of (future) contracts for the Ministry of Defence.

The aim of the Cyber Resilience project is to provide a secure register containing companies that provide products or services for ABDO measures. In collaboration with the Digital Trust Centre and the MIVD, the NIDV set up this register to help companies find suppliers of needed products and services.

Supply and demand

Tthrough the cyber resilience register, the NIDV brings together supply and demand in an unambiguous and confidential manner. The potential participants are Dutch companies and organisations that we have compiled from various sources. Given the sensitivity of the information, it is a non-public register and only accessible through the NIDV.

Who and what is in it?

The register links companies to 40 technology clusters from the ABDO (e.g. Alarm Monitoring, Crypto, etc.), with a breakdown by the 4 different TBB levels (Departmental Confidential, Confidential, Secret and Top Secret). This allows a company looking for suppliers to easily find the right one(s). The register is filled with Dutch ICT and cybersecurity companies that can provide products (HW/SW) and services for one or more of the 40 technology clusters, and meet the regulatory requirements for inclusion.

When to use it?

Besides the above-mentioned use for defence procurement, the register can also be used for cybersecurity requirements of, for example, other departments of the central government, international organisations such as NATO, the European Union and foreign defence organisations such as the recently mandated US Department of Defence Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).


There are limited costs associated with entry in the register where attractive discounts apply for members of the. If you are interested in joining the register and/or interested in the conditions and costs of participation, please contact

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Inclusion Cyber resilience ICO wizard

In 2022 NIDV signed a letter of intent with the Centre for Information Security (CIP). Commissioned by the Ministries of the Interior & Kingdom Relations, the CIP manages the Central Government Procurement Requirements Wizard (the ICO Wizard) in which, among other things, the Government Information Security Baseline (BIO) is made accessible to contractors and clients in central and local government. The aim of the declaration of intent is to integrate the ABDO decision aid into this ICO-Wizard, thus replacing the (as yet undeveloped) BIO level BBN-3, which focuses on the threat of state actors. With the General Security Requirements for Central Government Assignments (ABRO) in the pipeline based on the ABDO, this creates one government-wide unambiguous and risk-based framework of measures.

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