With the appointment of NIDV Director Ron Nulkes to the Commission Expert Group on policies and programmes relevant to EU Space, Defence and Aeronautics industry, the NIDV has a platform to directly represent the interests of the Dutch defence and security sector to the European Commission. This expert group was established by the Director-General for Defence Industry and Space (DEFIS) of the European Commission.

The task of the expert group is to assist the EC in the preparation and implementation of EU legislation, programs and policies related the ecosystem. The NIDV’s involvement in this expert group is mainly coordinated within the NIDV platform NIKAG (Dutch Industry and Knowledge Institutions Advisory Group), which was established with a view to intensifying European defence cooperation.

Ron Nulkes: “I consider it a privilege that the NIDV can promote the Dutch industrial interests at the European level in this expert group, which is important for peace and security and for the national economy. With it, the ecosystem gains in importance in Europe.Military space and security, in particular, is a challenging chapter, where the Dutch government will also be making progress. In the area of defense and the defense sector, the role of the European Commission needs no further elaboration: with the European Defense Action Plan, the Commission is aiming to strengthen European defense cooperation and reinforce the Defense Technological and Industrial Base. It is essential for larger Dutch companies, knowledge institutions and SMEs to join these initiatives. I am pleased that the Commission wishes to be advised directly by industry on this issue. The NIDV contribution to this expert group is a good fit with the NIDV membership in the Interdepartmental Coordination Group (ICG) on European Defence Cooperation.”

John Jansen, NIDV senior EU advisor, has been appointed deputy.

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