Defenture, the Netherlands based manufacturer of high-end tactical vehicles for both Special Forces and light infantry units, welcomes investment company Azur Investment Group as shareholder. This financial injection enables Defenture to further develop three new modular tactical vehicles.

Defenture develops and produces light tactical vehicles since 2013. Last summer, Defenture handed over the last of 75 VECTOR vehicles to the Korps Commandotroepen  (the Dutch Special Forces unit).  This vehicle was quickly characterised ‘the new standard.’ Furthermore Defenture recently signed a contract with the Dutch Ministry of Defence for 249 Scorpion diesel quads.

Defenture is ambitious and wants to anticipate on new defence market trends, developments and needs.  Henk van der Scheer, CEO Defenture: ‘We notice a strong need with our customers for unmanned vehicle systems, hybrid technology and emission reduction, topics we as Defenture anticipate on. We also have the ambition to increase our production capacity to at least 300 vehicles and 140 quads annually and to expand production abroad.’ Next to that, there is strong focus on further developing three new vehicle types. The modular rolling chassis enables a variety of possible configurations for these vehicles, varying from 3 to 10 tons.

In 2020, Defenture signed a contract with the Netherlands Ministry for Defence to deliver 249 Military Dieselquads after having completing delivery of 75 special vehicles for Special Forces in the same year.

Mostly build from the same components, these vehicle systems focus on standardization and strongly support familiarisation, thus creating international logistical interoperability and operational co-operation between military units using the vehicles.  With Azur Investment Group as new shareholder, Defenture is ready for the future.

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