The speciality of TSS International B.V. is: Armour Mobility. Based in Barendrecht, the Netherlands, decades of experience has helped family business TSS to a leading position in the European market of vehicle mobility products.

As an official distributor of Rodgard, Hutchinson, MOV’IT, B&G Electronics, SkyDex and Téleflow, TSS supplies mobility solutions for countless civilian and (para)military applications. Rodgard Runflat Systems are fitted on any vehicle which cannot afford to stand still due to one or more flat tyres. Many military vehicles such as the Patria, Fennek, Bushmaster, MB G and Boxer use TSS-supplied Hutchinson VFI Runflats, which meet NATO Finabel A20A (20A5) runflat standards. These practically indestructible runflat inserts function as a Bead Lock, too. The combination of Hutchinson VFI’s, 2-piece rims and Téléflow Central Tyre Inflation Systems assures an uncompromised off-road mobility for the toughest of conditions. With “civilian” armoured vehicles (CAVs) becoming constantly heavier to keep protecting against evolving threats,

TSS has developed Heavy Duty Wheels in 18” and 20”, with TüV-verified payloads of 1800 and 2000kgs. MOV’IT Security Brakes are engineered specifically to allow 6-ton CAVs such as the Toyota LC200, Nissan Patrol, Chevrolet Suburban and many others, to stop safely and reliably.

TSS ProtecTank® is a self-sealing and/or explosion-suppressant and flame retardant protection for fuel tanks. This innovative solution can replace the heavy steel which is often used to protect the fuel tank, saving a large portion of weight. TSS ProtecTank® can be made to measure for civilian and military vehicles.
In case of an under-vehicle IED explosion, SkyDex shock mitigation mats act as an energy absorber between the vehicle occupants’ feet and the fast-moving armoured steel floor of the vehicle. Injury risk is decreased from 100% to 10%. Battle-proven and worldwide (retro-)fitted in MRAPS and CAVs.

Finally, B&G Vehicle Intercoms provide true two-way communication with the vehicle surroundings from within the confined safety of the armoured vehicle. The intercoms are customisable with sirens, grill-lights, PA-strength speakers, and an active battery monitoring system to assure your (multiple) batteries are always ready to use.

Certificate codes ISO 9001-2015

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