SurCom International, active since 1992 in the European defense and security market, specializes in providing products and turn-key systems for communication and surveillance applications.

In the area of communication and information systems, we offer effective and affordable solutions in tactical voice and data communications, covering highly specialized applications such as UHF/DAMA TACSAT, military ground-air-ground communications, CSAR radio, intelligent voice interconnect, tactical mobile network routing, man-portable and mobile SIGINT/DF systems, etc. Being independent enables us to tailor systems to the customer’s particular concept of operations and technical requirements.

In the area of surveillance, our product range covers a variety of electro-optical devices for limited visibility operations. These include infrared thermal imaging and image intensifier-based observation, surveillance and target acquisition systems. Through Service Level Agreements and investing in advanced test equipment, we ensure life-of-type support of delivered products and systems. Amongst others we maintain the RNLAF’s MIDS Link-16 terminal equipment and combat search and rescue radio’s.

SurCom International BV is a Corporate Sponsor of the Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association (AFCEA) and TRACE Intermediary member. SurCom International BV has been accredited to ISO9001:2015 and AQAP-2110:2016 and operates from a modern and well equipped NATO secure facility in the city Ede with ample space for vehicle and shelter integration.