RSM chairs the Trade Compliance Platform of the NIDV and actively supports the design of a defense treaty between The Netherlands and The United States in cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Economic Affairs.

RSM International is present in more than 120 countries providing audit,
tax and consultancy services, including:

  • EU and US export controls, sanctions and embargo’s;
  • Privacy, cyber-, and physical security including Cyber Maturity Model Certification (CMMC);
  • VAT and customs;
  • Due diligence, including third party screenings and trainings;• US government contracting including FAR/DFAR;
  • Immediate incident response and special (look-back) investigations;
  • Compliance- and security audits, reviews and assessments.

RSM helps to manage international trade compliance, security, privacy and ethical practices in meeting expectations, industry standards, and to comply with laws & regulations.
Design, implementation and periodic evaluation and adjustment of trade compliance and security commitments and measures are increasingly recognized as an integral part of companies’ efforts to mitigate compliance, security and reputational risks and to gain the trust of key stakeholders. Our less-is-more philosophy is designed to build company specific solutions that meet legal and regulatory requirements but avoid extensive procedures and lengthy internal processes and handbooks.

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