KMWE Group is a supplier and partner for the High Tech Equipment Industry and Aerospace with worldwide 600 employees. Its aerospace and defense activities take place in KMWE Aerospace.

KMWE Aerospace is supplier and partner to the world’s leading companies in the aerospace sector, specialising in metal aero-structures and aero-engine components & assemblies. Core capabilities are automated high performance machining, assembly, sheet metal fabrication, thermal spray and additive manufacturing. Materials range from aluminium through to super-alloys. Additionally we offer value engineering for best value solutions.

Our Aerostructures’ portfolio ranges from single part manufacturing to complex, ‘ready to install’ (sub-) assemblies. For Aero Engines we offer the manufacturing of structures and complex fabrications. With our in-house special processes and capabilities we offer a ‘one stop shop’ capability.

Our customer base includes world class OEMs such as Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, General Electric, Rolls-Royce, Pratt & Whitney and Safran.

Aerospace products

  • Aerostructures, e.g.: ribs, brackets, beams, panels, etc.
  • Aero Engine parts, e.g.: nozzle flaps & seals, machined fabrications, casings, etc.
  • Aircraft Systems, e.g.: parts for landing gear, environmental control system parts & assemblies


  • High performance & automated machining
  • One-stop-shop capability for fabrications
  • Assembly
  • Cutting | Forming | Welding | Heat Treatment & Brazing
  • Thermal Spray | Additive Manufacturing
  • Non Destructive Testing | Material laboratory
  • Value engineering

KMWE Group has AS9100 certified production facilities in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) and Penang (Malaysia). KMWE Aerospace is Nadcap certified for its NDT and special processes.

Platform NIFARP