Hyperion Technologies is a space company located in Delft, Netherlands. Having been active since 2013, it specialises in the development of miniaturised, high-performance and smart components for small satellites as well as satellite platforms for complete missions.

This includes both hardware and software. Hyperion follows the philosophy to provide the best-in-class products to its clients worldwide, scratching at the limits of the physically possible within the scope of miniaturisation.

The company leverages to a large extent on the availability of COTS components. High robustness, reliability and testing are the leading principles.

Among the most popular products – and at the same time those with most flight heritage – Hyperion counts its Star Tracker, which is at the same time claimed to be the world’s smallest Star Tracker. In addition, the company provides a full range of sensors for attitude determination, attitude control, integrated ADCS, navigation, payload processing, chemical propulsion and laser communication for SmallSats. A large amount of these components has been co-developed with partner companies; other members of Hyperion’s partner network complement the value chain in the areas of launch, operations and testing; while Hyperion provides additional expertise in mission analysis, spacecraft design, qualification and end-of life.

Ever since late 2020, Hyperion is part of the AAC Clyde Space Group. With over 100 employees worldwide, stretched across business locations in Sweden, United Kingdom, Netherlands and the United States, the Group specialises in advanced nanosatellite spacecraft, mission services, and reliable subsystems. Its market-leading New Space solutions and services enable government, commercial, and educational organisations. By making use of AAC Clyde Space’s Space-as-a-Service offering, customers can focus on their core business and entrust us with what we do best, from spacecraft design to satellite operations and data delivery.

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