EUROTEMPEST is a value-added engineering company specialized in providing TEMPEST and RUGGED computer systems to qualified defense and government customers in Europe.

Eurotempest designs, develops and produces TEMPEST products that comply with NATO SDIP-27 or corresponding national standards for compromising emanations. Eurotempest provides tough off-the-shelf computer and communications equipment that can withstand extreme conditions.

TEMPEST Test facility
In our state-of-the-art certified test facility, measurements are made against
NATO SDIP-27 standards or corresponding proprietary national radiation standards. All MODULUS products undergo TEMPEST TPAT production assurance tests.
Our TEMPEST measurement cell provides a full-range TEMPEST environment.
All measurments are carried out by a TEMPEST test engineer formally trained by the UK Government’s Technical Authority for Information Assurance, CESG. Eurotempest also offers test services for qualified customers.

Platform NIVP

ABDO 2006 (General Security Requirements for Defense Contracts by Dutch MoD)