Etteplan Netherlands BV specializes in simplifying information processes that relate to the entire product life-cycle. This specialization has resulted in a broad range of products and services. Since 1974, Etteplan has played a leading role in its industry, working for more than 500 companies in various industries worldwide. Etteplan has over 3000 employees and has offices in the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Poland and China.


Etteplan provides clients with high quality and cost effective services. Besides our thorough knowledge of technical writing and editing, we apply techniques such as content management, Simplified English, terminology management and translation management to ensure effective, clear and consistent technical documentation.

Technical Documentation according ASD S1000D, S2000M and ASD-STE100

Etteplan is a leading supplier of AeroSpace Defence (ASD)compliant technical documentation. This means that Etteplan works in accordance with the S1000D and 2000M Specifications. These specifications are global standards, that have been developed by the ASD, formerly the European Association of Aerospace manufacturers (AECMA). Also is Tedopres a leading supplier of the Simplified Technical English checker according the ASD-STE100 standard.

of the basic principles of the AECMA specifications is the storage of information in a modular format. This makes the information manageable and allows re-use of information as well. A Class 4 IETM, as Etteplan makes it, is a good example of a manual that is compiled from information modules, and that is fully compatible with the CALS principle.