Daedalus Aviation Group is ISO 9001:2000 certified. The work takes us all over the world. Each company of the Daedalus Aviation Group is working in a specific area of the aviation industry and employs specialists accordingly.
Several strategic alliances and a very wide network of contacts in the aviation industry worldwide make Daedalus Aviation Group a valuable partner in aircraft maintenance and the timely provision of parts and components.

Daedalus Aviation Inc.
Is an American company that has contracted the on site maintenance and upgrading of F-16, Chinook, and Apache helicopters for the Royal Dutch Air Force. Daedalus Aviation Inc. also hires the specialists, needed to fulfil this contract. Daedalus Aviation Inc. is also assisting the Royal Norwegian Air Force in flight line operations.

Daedalus Projects & Trade BV
Contracts on site maintenance and upgrade programs for (military) aircraft outside the Netherlands. The company also represents a number of American OEM’s’ in Europe. Daedalus Personnel BV
Acts as an employment agency for technical specialists in the aviation industry. Also provides medium and higher technical staff in other technical branches. See www. daedalus.nl for job opportunities and further information.

Daedalus Components BV
Provides for aircraft- and motor parts on demand. These parts are tracked through a worldwide network of long standing contacts. Also supports Inventory Management on any desired level. Scrap replacement and material review through our understanding of the most advanced repair techniques can preclude replacement. The know how of advanced engine- and component overhaul ensure the best cost-quality ratio with shortest turn around times.

Daedalus Avionics Support Centre
For maintenance and repair of avionics for military aircraft. Daedalus Aviation Group has formed a joint venture with the US company IEI Inc. The support centre, servicing the European theatre, has its workshop in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

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