Airbus Netherlands B.V. supplies high-tech products and services for the aerospace industry. Its portfolio includes solar arrays, launcher structures, instruments & services, optical communication and fighter training products. Airbus DS NL powers scientific, earth observation, military, as well as telecommunications satellites, delivers vital lightweight structures for the Ariane and Vega launchers, has substantial know-how in test & verification and simulation, and develops reputable earth observation instruments such as Tropomi.

Airbus NL operates in defence, security and civil markets with aerospace product spin-offs, of which simulators form an important part. Activities include real-time simulation SW, distributed simulation for engineering and training. With NLR, Airbus NL has developed an embedded training system for fighter aircraft (E-CATS), which is fielded in production F-35 Block 3F’s since 2018. This innovative application enables F-35 fighter pilots to train securely against realistic constructive threats anywhere, anytime. Scenario Editor and Verification SW provide tools for designing and testing E-CATS training scenarios. As part of an internal R&T program, E-CATS is currently being developed into a Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) application for other platforms. The expanding customer base fuels further broadening of the E-CATS applications.

Following the national demand for data services, Airbus NL collaborates with Airbus Connected Intelligence in ISR-related earth observation data and data (fusion) tools. Data products and services both in the field of defence and security, as well as climate and air quality, are being developed and delivered to various customers.

Airbus NL is part of Airbus, global leader in aeronautics, space, defence and C5ISR related products and services.