Yacht is specialised in Secondment, Search & Selection, Inhouse Services and Contract Management. Secondment is one of Yacht’s core activities.

Every day, over 5,000 professionals work for Yacht on a Secondment basis at the top 500 companies in the
Netherlands. We arrange these services within the most relevant disciplines (fields) for our clients: Finance, IT, Legal, Marketing & Communication, Engineering, Life Sciences, Supply Chain Management & Procurement and HRM.

With Yacht, you will be assured of a true market leader that differentiates itself from the competition by:

  • Highly qualified professionals: we continually measure our candidate source streams in order to identify the most effective methods and ensure that we control our
    candidate generation;
  • Successful delivery of large-scale recruitment campaigns; those projects are ‘one off’ assignments, which require the simultaneous hiring of several professional staff members;
  • Concepts that contribute to compliancy, efficiency and flexibility; in addition to services such as brokering and contract management for sole traders, talent pools; etc.;
  • insight and innovation with respect to the labor market, recruitment and labor law;
  • Clear and transparent processes;
  • Reliability in supplying suitable candidates in the Netherlands including a full compliant process for hiring freelancers. (ZZP) This DBA compliance is certified by the Dutch Tax authorities and includes our own model agreement (“Modelovereenkomst”)
    and a full control frame work prior, during and after employment.
  • A dedicated team with one single point of contact.
  • Our ability to scale up, with more than 100 recruiters we are able to search, engage the right candidates in a shorter notice of time then their competitors.

Yacht BV is a 100% subsidiary of Yacht Group Nederland B.V., which is 100% daughter of Randstad Groep Nederland B.V.

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