The SandGrain Authentication Platform provides trust for complex systems.


SandGrain has developed a new product that is a potentially disruptive technology as it brings both higher levels of system security and life cycle traceability to IoT end nodes. This is an excellent solution for industrial assets – e.g., critical electronic components like PCBs, or even on an individual chip level. For consumer IoT applications one can think of smart lighting, home cameras, sensors etc..

This is the result of a fundamental innovation in chip manufacturing: the ability to give each chip its own unique, hard-coded identity. By connecting this to an advanced central data management system that actively monitors these IDs over their lifetime (continuously or sporadically connected), a very high level of system security is realized.

This is a completely new technology because today all security chips focus on keeping the chip itself secure without any outside assistance – leading to a complex, error-prone design. Furthermore, each chip of the same family is identical and therefor susceptible to abuse (counterfeiting, hacking) through the “Break one break all” hackers’ business model.

With the SandGrain solution, each chip only has the minimum functionality needed to identify and authenticate itself, eliminating the need for hackable microcontrollers and firmware. On top of that, each SandGrain chip has a guaranteed unique, hard-coded ID, breaking the hackers’ business model. The SandGrain central data management system can then confirm and authenticate chip IDs as needed.

Summarizing, by authenticating assets throughout their life cycle the SandGrain solution supports both the product’s cybersecurity as well as its sustainability.

Revolutionary and scalable from a European basis – all components can be manufactured and managed in a European supply chain – this means that a Trusted Supply Chain can be offered. The SandGrain solution is a true end-to-end platform for asset authentication and fits well with the already strong position of the Netherlands in Cybersecurity.

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