Exakt Fijnmechanika manufactures precision mechanical parts to specification with extremely high precision. With 16 people working on our mostly Swiss-type CNC precision lathes, we work 24/7 on medium large to very large series.


With dimensions starting from around 0.1 mm and an accuracy starting from 1 ยต, we can produce very precisely and consistently. The parts that Exakt produces are widely used by OEMs in the medical, defense, automotive and industrial sectors.

Our machine park mainly consists of CNC long lathes. With this technique, developed in Switzerland, parts with smallest diameters can be turned as accurately as possible. In this technique where it is not the tool moving along the material, but the material moving through the spindle, bending due to tool pressure is minimized. To be able to produce complex products, all machines are multi-axis up to 8 axes, and equipped with driven tools for complex operations. A precision wire EDM machine is available for operations that cannot be performed on the lathes. A separate finishing department is in place containing drum machines for dry and wet polishing for very precise finishing, as well as setups for cleaning and packaging.

NIST traceable measurement
In our ultramodern measuring room with a NIST traceable measuring setup Optiv 443 performance from Hexagon, and a multiple stereomicroscopes, we can measure and check all products optically, tactile and visually in such a way that errors can be excluded. By means of our ISO 9001 certified quality management system and supported by statistical measurement data, agreed dimensions are guaranteed. Certification according to ISO13485 is planned and prepared for 2021.

Our mostly internally trained staff ensures that we can guarantee highest quality standards. With experienced people coming from medical and defense industries, we well understand the need for traceability and consistency.

Platform NPVS