CityGIS is a software company based in The Netherlands. CityGIS is fully focused on providing solutions for Homeland Security and Emergency Dispatch. The main software products are for Command Centers, back office systems, integrated in-car navigation, undercover operations, mapping-services, and numerous connections to systems of Business Partners and Government.

CityGIS employs a team of 40 specialists with only the highest technical skills available. Our team is 100% involved in developing and maintaining solutions for Homeland Security and for Emergency Dispatch of police, fire brigades and ambulance, both Command Centers and its vehicles.
Next to the highly qualified technical personnel and software developers, CityGIS has its own Mapping Department. The combination of the two makes CityGIS a unique knowledge centre from which only the best geographic software products result. The software products are of the highest quality and provide the fastest processing and routing speed available in the world and are therefore best suited for ‘Mission Critical’ operations. CityGIS software is based on a Common Operational Picture and Net Centric Operation.
CityGIS personnel gained experience in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) dating from 1993. Command Center software was first released in 1997. CityGIS today has more than 90% of the Command Centers operational in The Netherlands for police, fire brigade and ambulance. We are also active on the Belgian market. Each day, the CityGIS systems handle more than 100 million messages on live positions. Connections have been made with all kinds of communication systems, positioning systems and back office systems. One might say that CityGIS is also a ‘connecting company’, next to a geographic software company.

Netherlands CityGIS is based in the city of The Hague, located between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, near the sea. If you are in the neighborhood, you are most welcome to visit our office.

Platform NIVP