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The NIDV Foundation facilitates the sustainable positioning of the Dutch Defence and Security-related Industry (NL-DVI) in national and international orders (from the government and elsewhere) and in national and international supplier chains. The NL-DVI is synonymous with the highest possible quality and effectiveness of equipment, services and application-oriented knowledge. The NIDV is a strategic partner of the government in the area of defence and security and a key figure in the triple helix collaboration between the government, knowledge institutes and the business community.

Information provider. Promoter of interests. Service provider. That’s the NIDV. It is the only organisation of its kind and the only sector organisation of Dutch companies that delivers products and services related to national and international security. The NIDV promotes the engagement of its participants in the design, development, production, maintenance and disposal of equipment, in addition to related services.

The NIDV has a highly extensive global network in the field of defence and security. This network is actively used to profile the expertise and capabilities of the Dutch business community. Questions and requests from the government are also passed on to NIDV participants through this network. Where possible, the NIDV participates in joint ventures in order to involve its participants in them.

The NIDV also organises regular theme and other meetings for its participants. During Project Days, contracting authorities explain new and current equipment and other projects. In addition to discussing the content of various themes, these meetings also offer an excellent opportunity to come into contact with government officials and other NIDV participants. The same can be said of the annual NIDV Symposium, with speakers from both the Netherlands and abroad. The associated exhibition is a unique meeting place for government organisations and the business community.



Information provider

Current information on the new plans, projects, desires and needs of government organisations and national and international companies is essential for NIDV participants. The NIDV has a digital information database. Participants receive a password that allows them to log into this directory of information.

Promoter of interests

The NIDV has excellent working relationships with government institutes in both the Netherlands and abroad. It also promotes the interests of international companies with a contractual obligation to engage Dutch businesses. The NIDV maintains close contact with Dutch politicians on behalf of its participants. When it comes to new and existing government policy that affects participants, the NIDV serves as a conversation and sparring partner.

Service provider

The NIDV works both nationally and internationally on increasing the visibility of participants through joint market research and a joint market approach. As part of this, it supports and facilitates its participants in participating in trade missions and international trade fairs. A special think tank for the SME sector aims to increase the position of these small to medium-sized enterprises in the defence and security market. The NIDV serves as a source of information for its participants who have questions about export, subsidies, innovation and so on.

The NIDV platforms

The NIDV has nine platforms. These platforms act as meeting places for companies with a common interest. There are specific platforms, for example, for companies that play a role in the construction and maintenance of ships, helicopters, aircraft and command and control systems. The NIDV platforms create opportunities for participants by facilitating contact with representatives of such organisations as the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Security and Justice, as well as knowledge building, information sharing, collaboration with knowledge institutes and universities, a joining of forces and collectively approaching a specific market segment. The companies that participate in an NIDV platform are more successful in the market thanks to the power of collaboration. This includes a strengthening of the collective supply chain, jointly achieving a higher technological level and establishing a collective track regard that opens up international doors for the entire Dutch industry.