UXO Offshore Services (UXOOS) provides End of Life Management in dealing with munitions. Whether it is Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) at the seabed or on land or surplus stock munition. Therefore UXOOS offers UXO management and -consulting, operational remediation works and to complete the demilitarisation process the safe removal and destruction of ordnance and its explosives in a safe manner for man and environment.

UXO management and -consulting

UXOOS supports contractors and provides QA/QC services for end clients in all phases of UXO remediation: from risk assessment, through operations and clearance up till safe destruction or handover to the authorities. To declare areas safe to work, UXOOS can provide ALARP certificates.

Operational remediation works

Based on the risk assessment, UXOOS can detect and map possible UXOOS, unbury the possible UXO and provide proper identification to determine safe further handling. This can be on land, but UXOOS is specialized in offering subsea solutions with ROV/divers/dedicated tooling. Non UXO can be removed from the environment and certain UXO can be dealt with in-situ or preferably moved to another location for further processing or handover to authorities.

Neutralisation and destruction of ordnance

UXOOS can provide an innovative and eco-friendly process to transform the toxic UXO contents to non-toxic waste, ready to be recycled. This can be done via a mobile setup at sea, but also to demilitarise surplus stock munition.

Certificate codes:
GE para 7 Spreng G