Cyber ​​resilience is now an inseparable part of business operations in almost every organization. It is necessary to align security measures with the continuously increasing risks to optimally protect intellectual property, vital systems or critical applications.

Tedas helps its customers with these challenges. Our customers are mainly within Defense, Intelligence & the Security domain of the Dutch government and vital infrastructure. These organizations are subject to the strictest information security guidelines, such as the Defensie Informatiebeveiligingsbeleid /Defense Informationsecurity Policy (DIB), Baseline Informatiebeveiliging Overheid/ Government Baseline Information Security (BIO) and/or Wet Beveiliging Netwerk- en Informatiesystemen/ Network and Information Systems Security law (WBNI).

Tedas has a long track record in both the public and private sectors, in designing, building and managing networks and IT security solutions that must withstand the severe cyber threats ( f.e. state actors and APT’s) that organizations face today.

The in-depth knowledge and experience, built up over the years in the playing field between operational needs and information security policy, has led to the Tedas “Bastion approach”.  Bastion forms the basis of Tedas’ IT Security product and services  portfolio. The strength of the Bastion approach results in a combination of mutually reinforcing security measures that together guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive information within a network. With its modular architecture, organizations can secure their network (or a specific part of it,) “military grade”, in which the operational user experiences the least possible inconvenience.

The IT Security requirements within the ABDO (Algemene Beveiligingseisen Defensie Opdrachten) are derived from the ISO 27001 standard, but are much stricter. Tedas itself also has to deal with the ABDO and has developed a framework and methodology in-house to easily convert the ABDO IT Security requirements into specific organizational and technical (IT) security measures. We can also support organizations with implementing ABDO security measures.

Tedas offers the following services

  • IT (Security) Consultancy
  • ABDO Consultancy
  • Bastion Network Security Solutions
  • Tedas Infrastructure Vulnerability Scan  (TIKS)
  • Tedas Application Vulnerability Scan (TAKS)
  • Network Management
  • Secure Hosting (in 2 secure datacenters)

Certificate codes ISO 9001 | ISO 27001

Platform NIVP