The North West Holland Education Group trains your staff throughout North Holland. With around three hundred training courses, courses and courses in ten different sectors, we are the most important business trainer in the region.

For more than fifteen years, we have been active in training the staff of organisations to a higher level. Thanks to these years of experience, we have built up a good relationship with the business community in North Holland and we have a strong position in the regional economy. In this way we know exactly what is going on and what our clients need to train their (potential) employees. In addition to our regular training programmes, we also offer tailor-made courses: developing training courses is one of our strengths. With our unique in-company method, we train your staff exactly the way you want them to be trained! As a result, the education is even more in line with your practice.

As a North West Holland Education Group we are affiliated with the Clusius College and ROC Kop van Noord-Holland. Together they have joined forces to take company training to an even higher level. Thanks to the cooperation with these institutes, you are assured of experienced and qualified teachers, excellent practical facilities and accredited diplomas. This comes back again and again. In (evening) education, courses and training for adults. In addition, you will benefit from the knowledge that is available in-house to provide tailor-made advice. We have already helped more than three hundred companies and organisations – large and small – with the business training of Onderwijsgroep NoordWest-Holland. It is not for nothing that we are the organisation for the best vocational education in the region!

The key words of Onderwijsgroep NoordWest-Holland

  • Professional
  • Custom made
  • Experienced
  • Reliable

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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