OPT/NET B.V. is a team that builds comprehensive AI products based on decades of hardcore critical industry experience. Having served and protected the networks of clients all over the globe, the OPT/NET team was specially suited to develop a suite of advanced AI products capable of dealing with an ever-increasing volume of data and complexity.

Initially serving as a tool for our telecom consulting services, the OPT/NET AI engine has grown into a series of platforms with unlimited potential across a variety of critical and data-intensive industries.

We believe in making humans superhuman, not replacing them. The OPT/NET AI Engine provides domain experts in both structured and unstructured data environments the ability to rapidly develop advanced real-time AI solutions that help them do their jobs more effectively, without requiring an advanced degree in data-science. Importantly, our solutions are human-driven, AI-assisted.

We meet the toughest problems head on. Our clients and partners have massive datasets, and extensive expertise in tackling industry-specific challenges. Our engineers have the most powerful generic AI platform at their disposal, and the willingness to understand new and challenging environments. We’re able to integrate new data streams into our award-winning AI platform, learn and optimise workflows, and generate valuable operational results in days/weeks instead of months/years.

From telecom networks to disaster zones. From farmlands to the open ocean. From analysing log lines to multi-spectral satellite imagery. Our approach remains the same: forge real meaningful partnerships with our customers to empower them towards achieving more with their data.