Integrate Data at Mission Speed – The Best Database for Integrating Data from Silo’s You need a 360-degree view of data, but getting it is near impossible. With the exponential growth of data types and schemas pouring in from different sources, your current data integration approach can’t keep up with your mission needs.

MarkLogic’s operational and transactional Enterprise NoSQL database platform integrates your Multi-INT data – providing real-time ingestion, data enrichment, elemet-level security, and encryption in-flight and at rest. We deliver enterprise grade features atop a multi-model database – with search, discovery, and semantics capabilities – to support a full range of intelligence applications and services. Within Defense and Intel agencies MarkLogic supports C4ISR applications globally. Enhanced Interoperability with allies, improved Situational Awareness and actionable insights in connected and disconnected environments as a result.

Platform NIVP