Export Control Group International | Defense industry and export control

Companies and organization in the defense industry involuntarily have to deal with complex international export control regulations, even if you are not exporting.
It’s not just about physical products, but also software, technology or services.

Whether you develop, manufacture, maintain or process military or dual-use items, the complex regulations affect your entire organization. Understandably, your employees are not always aware of this.

If you don’t know what to look for, you will never see it

Just having a compliance document with good intentions and reference to regulations, is not enough.

How do your employees find their way through the dynamic and complex regulations?
How do you turn legal language into understandable procedures for your employees?
What should they do and when, and perhaps above all – what should they not do?
How do you train your organization in a simple way?

Export Control Office(r) as a Service™ : Risk Management in Military Export Control

Founded in 2019, the Export Control Group International BV filled the gap between general legal export control policies, and the requirements of employees for practical and comprehensible guidelines and procedures. Our in depth knowledge extends over 7 years of sanctions & export control programs in various industries, including manufacturing, research and defense.

With our product ” Export Control Office(r) as a Service™ “, we offer a unique and practical translation to all employees of how to deal with sanctions and export control.
In a clear language that your employees will understand.

Export Control Office(r) as a Service™ : fit for service
We call it our lean A4-approach – from unconsciously unaware to unconsciously aware

Export Control training, both classroom and e-learning, to management and employees, including NL/EU and US regulations.

Determining the maturity and state of your export control compliance processes according to NL/EU/US guidelines.

Implementation and maintenance of complete Internal Compliance Programs

Ad-hoc, project-based or permanent support with:

  • Product classification (NL/EU military/dual-use, US ITAR/EAR)
  • Transaction assessment and export licenses
  • Party screening
  • Sanction screening
  • Staff support to your own export control office

We make sanctions & export controls risk management work