E-quipment BV was founded in 2009, and from 2011 we are fully focused on the accredited* PIN protected storage solutions of iStorage.

We offer these solutions exclusively to companies in the Benelux area. On top of the storage solutions iStorage offers, we are introducing a brand new cloud security solution called cloudAshur that will change the way we work and share information through the cloud platforms. As several high tech companies are resistant to start using cloud solutions we offer a (hardware) security layer on top of that, that will encrypt your data on the fly, so that no one else can see what you store. Only colleagues that have cloudAshur hardware encryption module can see what is stored in the cloud and share data with others. The Remote Management Console gives you all the possibilities to manage your employees in the field.

Picture a flashdrive that is not protected by encryption, that can harm your company up to bankrupting if fallen into the wrong hands. The human factor is a very important factor, and to train the behavior of your employees we also offer several cyber security awareness trainings. These modules are web-based and completely manageable.
Need to send out sensitive documents? We are close to signing a deal and starting a service that gives you a full manageable platform to send out sensitive documents of all kind.

So in a nutshell E-quipment offers:

  • Accredited encrypted storage solutions
  • Encrypted and fully managed cloud platform called cloudAshur
  •  Cyber Security Awareness trainings
  • Secure document sharing service (soon)

* we offer 3 product lines that have a form of accreditation both by NATO and by the Dutch NLNCSA.