Bluetron has been a recognized high-tech partner for decades. We offer solutions at every stage of the product lifecycle of business-critical components. We believe that smart design, lifecycle maximization, reuse and recycling of business-critical components contributes to the profitability of every business.

We have converted 40 years of knowledge and experience in repair, reverse logistics, product lifecycle management and refurbishment into advice on how to best design and build business-critical components to achieve an optimal lifecycle.

Circularity and optimal use of existing resources are at the heart of all our services. Successful entrepreneurship, with respect for the environment, leads to better results for our own organization, our customers and last but not least for the society as a whole.

As your partner we are happy to work with you during all phases of the product life cycle. Our services in the three phases of a product life cycle are:

  • In the BOL (beginning of life) phase we are your partner for design, prototyping and testing.
  • In the MOL (middle of life) phase we support your company with production/assembly, maintenance, repair and refurbishing.
  • In the EOL (end of life) phase we remanufacture, repurpose and recycling with a circular economy approach. End of life is often not the end, but the beginning.

Bluetron B.V. is a privately-owned company and part of Detron ICT Holding B.V.