Chapter8’s Squadron operators are drawn from the highest levels of the security industry and have been tasked with protecting nation state interests.

Our combination of backgrounds is unique and covers physical and digital security in the military, governmental and corporate domain. One, highly vetted, close team that fully trusts each other’s skillsets. Every member of our team has been tested under pressure.

Traditionally, cyber security penetration tests are carried out only from the perspective of the attacker, or the Red Team. The defender perspective, or Blue Team, is only added as an afterthought. Our methodology combines the skills and perspectives of both Red and Blue Teams. The result – a Purple Team of Hacker, Hunter, and Healer – is worth far more than the sum of its parts and will bring about the mindset needed to improve your security over time on an organizational, procedural and technical level.

Chapter8 Assignments start on the inside of your infrastructure and will move towards your crown jewels, enabling you to optimize your defenses during the drill.”

Platform NIVP